Event Recap: Building A Blockbuster Personal Brand

Jacquie Chakirelis knows a thing or two about branding. Her successful career in marketing has afforded countless opportunities to build local and national audiences from scratch for her clients. She currently develops collaborative digital marketing strategies that focus on customer lifecycle engagement as Senior Digital Director for Advance Ohio, a digital marketing agency, while also running her own startupFamily Matters Productionsa nationally-syndicated radio program and podcast.

On September 21, Jacquie led Building A Blockbuster Personal Brand, an interactive workshop that guided attendees through the fundamentals of personal brand building, from immediately separating oneself from the competition to maintaining a brand over time.

Jacquie notes that personal branding does not have a definitive beginning and end. Instead, brand building is a long-term process, and your own brand should evolve as you grow individually and professionally.

Personal branding is especially important for entrepreneurs. By clearly and effectively communicating what you have to offer as an individual, you create an opportunity to gain trust from potential investors and customers. In addition, similar to the unique value proposition (UVP) of a product, having your own UVP enables you to differentiate yourself from the competition, thus increasing the likelihood that investors or customers will choose to invest their time or money in you and your venture.

For a few quick pointers, check out the video below where Jacquie discusses the biggest mistakes individuals make in the branding process, and offers helpful tips for getting started.