Entrepreneur Insight: Gene Groys, The Burton D. Morgan Mentoring Program

When Gene Groys founded OnShift more than a decade ago, he was prepared to pursue his idea. However, as a first-time entrepreneur, he wasn’t exactly sure where to start. Along the path to creating the thriving and sustainable business that OnShift has become, Gene stumbled through numerous obstacles, but he credits each as a valuable lesson that in the end, influenced his success.

Gene brings these experiences to the table as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for both JumpStart and Youngstown Business Incubator. In this role, he works to educate and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs by helping them understand how to build a business around their idea, secure capital, develop a sound go-to-market strategy and ensure their business can grow and will remain sustainable over time.

“Someone that’s an early-stage, first-time entrepreneur is never going to know all of that on their own. Having access to people who have had those experiences and can guide you through each of the associated challenges is absolutely critical. Mentors will not only help you be successful in your venture, they’ll also get you there much faster,” said Groys.

In the video below, Gene further explains the importance of mentorship in the startup world and describes the role The Burton D. Morgan Mentoring Program plays in advancing Northeast Ohio’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This post is part of JumpStart’s Insight” video series, a monthly feature introducing you to Northeast Ohio investors, entrepreneurs and organizations dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed.