Entrepreneur Insight: Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace, Komae

In just 35 days and two minutes, business partners Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace, both stay-at-home moms, raised $30,000 to get their startup Komae off the ground. With Kickstarter backing and a pitch competition win under their belts, the duo was equipped with the necessary resources to begin developing a social app – one designed to make the lives of parents easier.

As busy young moms, Amy and Audrey had grown weary of making frequent and awkward requests for babysitting, and the amount of money they were spending wasn’t making the situation any more appealing.

In 2014, they brainstormed a way to make the process of securing a babysitter a whole lot easier and cheaper for parents. What they came up with was Komae, an app that allows moms and dads everywhere to exchange babysitting services with their most trusted friends, neighbors and family—all for free.

In the video below, the two founders introduce their business, discuss their creative bootstrapping approach and provide valuable advice to those interested in making their way down the entrepreneurial path.

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