Employers Are Looking For Diverse Job Candidates In Northeast Ohio

Did you know that diversity initiatives and inclusive hiring practices are increasingly topping the list of important company priorities? For organizations like JumpStart that have always been champions of inclusion, this is welcome news.

It’s also being motivated by necessity.

Large or small, every company realizes they need innovative ideas and productive teams to survive in a competitive market place. Smart companies are also realizing that diverse teams are about more than good public relations; they create a true competitive advantage because diversity helps avoid groupthink and injects fresh perspectives into entrenched ways of thinking.

Some industries have caught on quicker than others, but employers across the board are realizing that they will not remain competitive in the 21st century unless they find new ways to access the entire talent spectrum.

As they build out more inclusive hiring practices, many of these companies are recognizing the need for new senior leadership positions created specifically to champion diversity and inclusion and work as a community liaison.

Some companies are even leveraging new technology to help ensure inclusive hiring – everything from computer-based blind interviewing to programs that write more inclusive job descriptions and create accountability for hiring managers during the interview process.

The theme is clear. If you are a diverse job candidate, employers are looking for you. Ready to meet some of these potential employers? Join JumpStart and Global Cleveland at Lorain County Community College for a free October 29 workshop aimed at helping entrepreneurs who are looking to connect with a more diverse talent pool.

This free event is intended for both employers and job-seekers, and will include interactive panel discussions and plenty of networking opportunities.

Be sure to sign up before registration closes. Then, check out the JumpStart job board to find open positions at diverse companies all across Northeast Ohio.