Do You Have The 3 Key Traits Of Great Startup Hires?

Working for a startup company is an exciting and rewarding experience. It can also be a daily challenge. It takes some key personality traits to work successfully in this culture and your prospective new employer is probably looking for someone who has them. So, do you have a startup personality?

Watch HireVue founder Mark Newman lay out 3 key traits of a great startup hire in this video for

Can you handle ambiguity?

If you’re looking for a reliable daily routine that never changes, then a startup will not be ideal for you.

Startup environments are full of changing directions and shifting strategies. Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, something unexpected pops up and demands your attention.

Consequently, startups are looking for candidates who can roll with the punches and not get flustered when the ground beneath them starts to rumble. If you can handle the dynamic environment, you’ll never be bored!

Did you start working early?

Were you the kid who took on a paper route because you allowance just wasn’t cutting it?

Did you get a job in high school because you couldn’t stand having any pocket money for the weekend?

If you answered yes, you are already a step ahead of other candidates for a startup job. Even if your jobs were menial, you recognized the things you wanted and started working toward them. That shows a strong work ethic and a history of ambition that is very attractive to startup culture.

Your early work has also given valuable years of actual experience in the workforce. This is especially true in the early stages of a career, when you are being evaluated next to someone who may just now looking for their first job in their early twenties.

Are you passionate?

Any entrepreneur will tell you that building a company can be a lonely, difficult experience. It takes a real passion and a positive attitude to deal with the inevitable challenges you will face.

That’s probably why entrepreneurs actively seek out other passionate, positive people who understand their vision.

When the pressure is on, apathy isn’t just annoying; it is the sworn enemy of startup culture. That’s because it can be incredibly damaging to what is being built.

So, do you have the flexibility, ambition and passion it takes to thrive in startup culture?