Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas Is A Shiny New Job

Working with a recruiter is sort of like talking to Santa Claus. A new job might be at the top of your gift list, but you’ll need to stay off the naughty list if you want to have your request taken seriously.

Here are three gifts of knowledge to keep you and your recruiter smiling throughout your holiday job search.

Aim To Impress

Maybe you don’t see your recruiter as jolly old St. Nick, but at the very least, they are the Elf on the Shelf. Often, they are tasked with watching your every move during the interview and reporting back to future prospective employers.

If you meet your recruiter in person, your attire and presentation should give the same first impression you’d like to make with your new boss.  If you have a phone interview, make sure there are no distractions in the background. Also, it’s very important to be truthful about your salary history and requirements, along with areas where your expertise may be lacking or missing. Honesty sets the right tone and makes it much more likely that you and your new employer will remain happy in the future.

Visit the Workshop – The Resume Workshop

You wouldn’t ask Santa to write out your Christmas list for you, so why would you expect your recruiter to handle rewriting your resume? After all, only you know what you’ve done best and what you want to do in your new role.

Use the description of the job you’re seeking as a guide to help you bullet out job responsibilities and accomplishments from your past and current roles. And as always, make absolutely sure your resume is concise and clear of typos.  Even a small spelling error can land you on the naughty list.

Spread the Cheer to Your LinkedIn Profile

Many times, your LinkedIn profile is the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager sees – it’s truly your virtual resume.

Regardless of whether you are actively seeking a new job, you should always keep your profile updated. And make sure you have your LinkedIn messages connected to an email you’ll be checking over the holidays. You don’t want to miss out on that recruiter message you’ve been waiting for.

Check this list twice and you’ll be sure to stay on your recruiter’s nice list! And don’t forget to take some time over this holiday season to check out a few of the great opportunities on the JumpStart Job Board, which includes a variety of positions from exciting companies all across Northeast Ohio.