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Our services are designed to find and match innovative ideas with the talent, resources, connections and capital to turn them into successful startup companies.

For Corporations

We augment corporate teams to enhance innovation and startup sourcing, diligence and pilot program management, including a Venture Studio program to commercialize corporate research.

For Research Institutions

We are commercialization partners, forming teams to transfer research and technology into scalable businesses while forging critical connections to talent, capital and customers.

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Service Offerings

Venture Identification & Validation

We help institutions and corporations evaluate the technologies and innovations that hold the most commercial potential.

Venture Pilots

We connect young ventures to large corporate and institutional clients to test, refine and scale their innovative products and services.

Venture Studio

We leverage the expertise and efficiencies of our in-house team to build the foundation for growth-oriented, venture-ready companies.

Capital Connections

We help companies find growth capital, through our own funds and partner VC and CVC funds.

A top-ten Venture Capital investor in the Great Lakes Region


JumpStart manages a series of funds (including a fund focused on women and people of color) which has invested in 120 high-potential startups while providing critical platform services assistance to hundreds more.