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Below, you’ll find more than 10 hours of honest discussion and expert advice to help companies make critical decisions as they navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Videos are listed in the order they were originally recorded.

In this time of uncertainty, the right knowledge at the right time can be critical. So, we’ve assembled a panel of business experts from our Burton D. Morgan mentoring program to provide real and practical advice to address your concerns and help you determine the best path forward for your business.

In times of economic crisis, understanding the financial fundamentals of your business is more important than ever. A virtual panel of CFOs and CPAs offer guidance to help startups and small businesses slow their cash burn and weather this period of uncertainty.

When businesses are struggling to survive, there’s no such thing as a settled contract. In this recorded webinar, we assembled a panel of experts to offer their advice on how to renegotiate contracts during tough economic times, whether you’re a vendor, a customer or both.

Our panel of experts helps your B2B company adjust its sales and marketing strategies to keep your customer relationships intact during this time of uncertainty.

Our panel of experts offers guidance to help B2C businesses stay close to their customers, even when they can’t be physically near them.

Most entrepreneurs will face winding down a business at some point. In this webinar, a panel of mentors and entrepreneurs discusses how to know when the time is right to close your doors, and how to wind down while preserving your chances for future success.

Our panel of investors discusses how the venture world is reacting to current market conditions, examines how venture capital investors are evaluating new deals, walks through how deal terms are changing and gives advice on raising a round of funding in the current climate.

Our panel of talent experts unpacks how to communicate effectively with a 100% virtual team, how to set clear goals and keep employee engagement high while avoiding micromanagement and how to help your team separate work life from home life when both are happening in the same space.

Our panel of advisors and entrepreneurs have an open and honest conversation about balancing the needs of your business with your own health and wellness.

A panel of JumpStart advisors and experts who have been through tough times discuss what comes next and how they are helping entrepreneurs plan their next moves.

A conversation about what comes next for businesses as the economy begins a long recovery, featuring entrepreneurs who are making their future plans now.

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