Ento Bio

Ento Bio, LLC synthesizes insect digestive enzymes to break down cell walls and treat difficult compounds naturally. This process improves the efficiency, sustainability, and cost of working with products from vegetable oil to wood pulp to biofuels, by forgoing the need for excessive energy and chemicals.

Ento Bio’s work in the emerging cellulosics market (second-generation biofuels & bioproducts derived from plant non-edibles, e.g. wood, grasses, corn stalks) offers a unique, simple solution: one-pot, fully enzyme-driven, one-pot, and needing only simple mixing at moderate temperature. This simplicity reduces both operating and capital cost by 20%, and the producer further benefits with virtually no clogging, decreased hazardous chemicals, and decreased inhibitory byproducts.

Ento Bio, LLC is a client of JumpStart’s Burton D. Morgan Mentoring Program