Checkpoint Surgical

The mission of Checkpoint Surgical is to provide physicians with medical devices to locate, evaluate and protect nerves and muscles in surgical procedures for better patient outcomes.

The Company’s flagship product, the CHECKPOINT® Stimulator/Locator is a single-use, hand-held stimulator with a broad range of stimulation parameters that are fully controllable by the surgeon.

The CHECKPOINT® Stimulator/Locator was designed by a world-class team of orthopaedic surgeons and biomedical engineers working together to provide surgeons with a simple, safe, versatile tool to help locate, identify and evaluate nerves in the surgical site and make surgical decisions with confidence.

Beyond this initial product, the Checkpoint surgical team is dedicated to continuing to develop new and innovative first in class devices to help surgeons achieve better patient outcomes.

Checkpoint Surgical is a JumpStart portfolio company. The investment came from the JumpStart NEXT Fund and the JumpStart Evergreen Fund