BoxCast sees massive spike in demand during COVID-19

Cleveland-based BoxCast is one of the rare companies experiencing a massive uptick in business during the COVID-19  pandemic. The company specializes in live-streaming technology, which has made them very popular with organizations who are canceling in-person events and gatherings all around the world in an effort to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent ABC News5 segment profiling this JumpStart portfolio company and it’s CEO/Co-founder Gordon Daily.

From the article:

“We saw it start to come into effect two or three weeks ago,” said CEO and Co-Founder Gordon Daily.

BoxCast sells much of the technology needed for organizations like churches, businesses, and sports teams to live-stream their events or games.

The process normally requires a tech-savvy employee to hook up all the components to get a live stream on the web or social media. Boxcast has condensed that technology into simple boxes that those organizations can quickly set up and, with the help of BoxCast, share their live stream on the internet.

“It’s churches, it’s schools and municipalities,” said Daily. “It’s video production houses, it’s comedy shows in Australia.”

While BoxCast is handling the sharp increase in business with a mostly empty office since nearly everyone in the roughly 30-person company is working remotely.

And yet, Daily says that change definitely won’t be for good. Daily says doing business will always require an in-person touch, when possible, and there’s a camaraderie workers can’t feel over even the best video conference.

“We love working together,” said Daily. “We love seeing each other face-to-face and celebrating together.”

This story originally appeared on News Channel 5 on March 23, 2020.

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