There is certainly no shortage of talented people flocking to Silicon Valley for job opportunities. However, in recent years, the Bay Area has also begun to experience an uncharacteristic exodus. Among these migrants, you’ll find numerous individuals seeking to start fresh in the Midwest. Some are calling it home for the first time, while others are “boomeranging” back to the region that raised them.

The exorbitant cost of living is a primary factor driving Bay Area residents to seek opportunity elsewhere. But migrants to the Midwest are also increasingly drawn to the prospect of being part of community revitalization— whether it’s happening in a burgeoning tech town, or their own former hometown.

The rise of Northeast Ohio’s tech-scene, our strong entrepreneurial community and the growth of established industries such as insurance, banking, healthcare retail and manufacturing makes our region a prime location for those looking to boomerang back to the Midwest.

Here’s three reasons why our region offers a great place to build both a career, and a life:

Land Of Opportunity
Last year, Cleveland State released results from a two-year long study of job growth. The results showed Cleveland’s job growth from 2014-2015 represented a near 20-year high and was the fourth highest gain in the nation.

As more people are attracted to Cleveland, word is spreading about our region’s growing number of job opportunities—including jobs tech-based career paths. As a result, it’s not just established professionals migrating back to the Midwest. College students who left to study along the coasts are giving serious thought to “boomeranging” back home after graduation to seize opportunities right here in Northeast Ohio.

Lower Cost Of Living
It’s not much of a surprise that Cleveland’s cost of living is far lower than that of tech hotspots around the country, a factor that has significantly contributed to the city’s consistent 95+% occupancy rate and ever-expanding housing development. What may be surprising is just how much lower these figures are. According to NerdWallet’s calculator, the cost-of-living averages 50 percent less in Cleveland than it does in Boston, 79 percent less than San Francisco and 132 percent less than Manhattan.

Jobs in these often pay higher wages, but when you factor in the above-mentioned cost of living, it’s often a net-gain for employees, giving regions like Northeast Ohio a distinct quality of life advantage for many people.

Award-Winning Culture
Look around town and you’ll see that Cleveland boasts one of the most exciting, vibrant and diverse cultures of any city in the Midwest. The Cleveland Orchestra is consistently ranked among the best orchestras in the world, the Cleveland Museum of Art was ranked second in the U.S. by Business Insider and last year, TIME placed Cleveland seventh on the list of America’s Best Food Cities. Not to mention, the Playhouse Square theater district is the largest performing arts center in the U.S. outside of New York.

Meanwhile, other Northeast Ohio hubs like Akron have also built reputations as growing hotbeds of local art, music and food/drink. Akron is also home to Ohio’s only national park, The Cuyahoga Valley National Park and becomes home for some of the best golfers in the world during the Bridgestone Invitational Tournament at Firestone Country Club.

So, whether you’re thinking of moving to the Midwest, or you’re already here, visit the JumpStart job board to browse more than more than 100 open positions with entrepreneurial-minded companies in various fields all across Northeast Ohio.

Dan Aerni
Dan works with entrepreneurial startups, scaleups and other high-growth companies in their efforts to drive talent initiatives. His current focus is on entrepreneurial talent in the information technology, sales, marketing/creative, executive search, human resource and recruiting.