Can you become a better angel investor in one night? We think so!

On 5/16, 100+ new and experienced angel investors will convene to hear a group of successful angels share their insights for improving outcomes through smarter diligence.

Successful angel investing begins with identifying and evaluating high-potential opportunities – high potential teams, markets, products, etc. Whether you are the type of investor that makes up your mind to invest after a 20-minute conversation or a long diligence process, you will come away with actionable tips for increasing your odds of success.

Several fast-paced panels will address:
• How to see more deals
• How to ensure you are seeing the best available deals
• How to avoid false positives and negatives
• How to set reasonable expectations for entrepreneurs
• How much diligence is enough (how sure do you have to be)
• Why most angel investors have the wrong mindset
• When and how to consider diligence done by others
• Anticipating and managing risk
• Avoiding putting “good money after bad” in follow-on investments

The education session will be held May 16th at 5:30 p.m. at JumpStart. We will start with a social period with heavy hors d’oeuvres and an open bar beginning at 5:30pm. The formal session will start promptly 6:00pm.

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