Accounting For Growth: How Strong Financial Planning Can Make Or Break A Startup

In the beginning, startups are all about the idea. But young ventures grow quickly, and financials can get complicated fast. Get caught snoozing on your financial practices and you’ll find it much harder to demand a fair valuation, or raise the capital you need to keep growing.

On Thursday, October 27 JumpStart hosted a conversation about setting up a strong financial structure that can help attract investors and set up both startups and scaleups for long-term success.

In this podcast recording of the event, you will hear from the following financial professionals and entrepreneurs:
Anne Richie, Venture Partner, JumpStart
Mark Plush, CFO, Wireless Environment
Tim Reynolds, President/Owner, Tribute Inc.
Courtney Eaton, Senior Manager, Assurance Services Group, Meaden & Moore
Mark Teague, Managing Director, Venture Management Solutions Group

The panel of experts provided both insight and advice, as well as stories from real entrepreneurs who are leveraging strong financial practices to drive growth.

This event was sponsored by Meaden & Moore.