5 Ways To Nail Your Thank-You Letter

thankyouThank-you letters are more than just a respectful way to let your interviewer know you appreciate his or her time; they can actually improve your chancesof landing the job you’re seeking.

There is no question you should send a message to your prospective employer after your interview; but there are a few basic ground rules.

Keep It Short

If you forgot to mention something vitally important in your interview—like a key accomplishment that might help you land the job—this is your final opportunity to do so. Otherwise, keep it simple. There is rarely a reason for a thank-you letter to be longer than a few sentences.

Don’t Be Flippant

You may feel like you just made a new friend, but you should still start your note off with a generally accepted greeting like “Dear Mr. Smith,” not “Hey there” or “What’s up.” Also, check your grammar! At this stage in the game, even small spelling or punctuation errors will stand out, especially if the competition is stiff.

Show Some Personality

Thank-you letter templates are fine, but if you send out the same canned language to every employer it’s eventually going to show. Instead, reflect back on your interview notes while writing your letter and include some details that pertain only to you; it’s an easy way to help remind the employer of your personality and separate you from the crowd.

Get The Names Right

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that matter most. Before you leave your interview, be sure to grab a business card. Not only will this help you get a valid email address to send your thank-you note, it will help you get the names and titles right when it counts. This is especially important if you interviewed with multiple people. Google may save you in a pinch, but people notice when you get their name or title wrong, trust me.

Don’t Go Overboard

Thank-you notes are great. Flowers, candy, phone calls and Facebook invites—not so much. Sure, they are all kind gestures, but they are more likely to make you seem desperate or inappropriate than to land you a job. You want your prospective employer to feel pleasant about you, not uncomfortable or pressured. A simple thank you is really all you need.

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