5 Tips To Reduce Job Interview Stress

nervous-interviewStressed out before your big job interview? Take a deep breath, you’re not alone. It’s a competitive job market and you have one chance to make a great impression and sell yourself; who wouldn’t be stressed? Luckily there are many ways to help reduce this stress. Start by following these five tips and you will be ready to meet your big day head-on.

The Earlier The Better

If you are given the freedom to pick the time you would like to schedule your interview, it’s always best to pick the earliest time possible. Having your interview earlier in the day will leave you with less time to build stress and anxiety. So get an early start, ace your interview, then afterwards you can enjoy the rest of your day stress-free.

Sleep Is Good

Getting a good night’s sleep is critically important if you intend to bring your A-game to your morning interview. Unfortunately, many people have a hard time falling asleep the night before a job interview. One way to prevent this from happening is to exercise and keep busy throughout the day. Tire out your body and your mind will follow. Before you know it you’ll be fast asleep and well-rested for your interview.

Arrive Early, But Not Too Early

Timing your arrival on the day-of is a balancing act. Rushing through traffic while worrying about being late is a surefire recipe for stress, but so is arriving at your interview too early, which will leave you waiting around in the lobby (or in your car) with building anxiety. Avoid these extremes by walking in the door 10-to-15 minutes early. This eliminates excessive waiting around, while still giving you time to gather your thoughts and review your notes so they are fresh in your mind.

Over Prepare

Confidence is a natural antidote to stress; and for that you need preparation. Begin by studying the company you are attempting to join and storing away a few interesting tidbits to call upon when necessary. Next, practice some basic interview questions and responses; if you have someone to help you with a mock-interview, even better. Practice your responses until they become natural and reasonably consistent, but don’t force yourself to memorize a script; that will only add to your stress.

Get A Timeline

The stress doesn’t stop when the interview ends. Will they call you back? How soon will you know if you are their ideal candidate? You may not be able to get answers to these questions during your first interview, but you can save yourself a lot of stress by asking for a basic timeline. Are they on a three week hiring timeline, or will it take a few months before they pick their candidate? Most employers will have no problem answering this question and knowing the answer will keep you from stressing out unnecessarily.

So relax, use these tips to eliminate your job-interview stress and soon you could land one of the many exciting jobs on the JumpStart job board, which currently lists open positions all across Northeast Ohio.