5 Tips For A Sensational LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the number one social tool for both job seekers and employers. Whether you are connecting with a potential employer, a future co-worker or an existing client, your LinkedIn profile is the place to show off your biggest accomplishments and future ambitions.

Make the most of this golden opportunity by following these five tips to help your LinkedIn profile stand out from all the rest.

Choose a Great Photo
The first step to a great photo is making sure it’s a picture of your face, not your pet or a picturesque ocean scene. Choose a clear and professional headshot. Ever hear the old adage people remember faces more than names? That’s why it’s important that potential employer see your face and not some other photo.

Focus on Achievements Instead of Responsibilities
Employers spend countless hours scouring LinkedIn in search of the high performers. Market yourself as a high performer in your summary statement by focusing on your biggest professional accomplishments, promotions or awards. Employers are using social media to see what makes you stand out from all the others. They are not looking for a carbon copy of your resume.

Be Personal
Again, your LinkedIn profile is not your resume, it is a social profile. Unlike a resume, it is totally fine to write in first person in your LinkedIn profile. Don’t be scared to express yourself and write in a conversational tone. Feel free to add your hobbies outside of work and other things that might help round you out as a person to a potential employer.

Add Multimedia
Photos are great, but LinkedIn gives you the option to add a great deal of other multimedia to your profile. A picture is worth a 1,000 words, but adding projects, videos, graphs and slideshow presentations to your profile can really WOW the viewer.

Make Connections
If you are new to LinkedIn, aim to reach 50-100 connections as soon as possible. A profile with fewer than 50 connections can give employers a bad vibe by sending the message that you are not active with social media or hesitant to connect with other professionals. Don’t let these assumptions ruin your chance at a new job. Get active and find your friends and colleagues on LinkedIn right away. Do be careful about trying to connect with someone you do not know. Too many rejections and your profile could be flagged as malicious and shut down.

Follow these quick tips and soon you’ll have curious employers all over your LinkedIn Profile. In the meantime, check out Jumpstart’s job board which currently lists open positions across Northeast Ohio.