5 Reasons To Step Up Your Job Search During the Holidays

The holiday season is here and contrary to popular myth, hiring doesn’t stop in December. In fact, the holidays can be one of the best times to land a great new job. It’s the one time of year when simply “being there” can set you miles apart from the competition.

Here are five reasons to step up your December game

The competition is complacent

It’s a simple equation; fewer people are competing for jobs during the holiday season and less competition means a better chance at landing a job with your first-choice company. Simply being available for a quick phone interview during this busy time of year can make all the difference. Often, very qualified candidates come back from the vacation mindset to find they were beaten to the punch by someone who made themselves available for a few hours when no one else was picking up the phone.

 Employee turnover has already begun

January is the month of new resolutions, which for many people might include a new job. However, not everyone waits until the New Year; many employees who have been planning a move choose the holiday season as their time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. These vacancies can present a window of opportunity for a well-prepared job seekers, since many companies will respond to the loss of a key employee with a mad-dash pre-holiday hiring effort.

 Recruiters are still working

A great way to form a solid relationship with a recruiter is to be available at the right time. The holidays can be tough for these professionals, since lines of communication often fall silent for weeks at a time. If they are trying to fill an urgent position or get a jump on their busy January, they’ll remember that you made yourself available during the holidays. Even if it doesn’t lead to an immediate job, it’s an easy way to make a lasting impression.

 Holiday networking feels more authentic

For people who aren’t natural networking pros, the holiday season offers a completely authentic reason for reaching out to professional connections. They won’t think it’s strange to hear from you in December, even if you haven’t spoken in some time. Something as simple as making the rounds at a few holiday-themed networking events with your business card in your pocket can make a big difference for your career. Just remember to keep it light. Don’t try to nail down a firm job offer on December 20. Instead, lay the groundwork for a more serious follow-up conversation in the New Year.

 You’ll be at the front of the line in January

Maybe you won’t go from phone screening to new employee orientation in the month of December, but the work you put in during the holidays can set you up for success in January, when the job market is flooded with new candidates and everything begins to ramp up very fast. Making a good impression right now will almost always pay dividends in the New Year.