5 Questions with Tina Haldiman of Larchmere Fire Works

Larchmere Fire Works provides one-of-a-kind blacksmithing and glassblowing combo classes with private, hands-on, one-on-one instruction to those seeking unique experiences.

We caught up with founder Tina Haldiman to learn more about her and her business as she readies to present in the culminating showcase of our summer 2021 Small Business Impact Program cohort.


How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

I learned glassblowing at a west-side studio. They taught me the hands-on technique that is rare in our field. With the little bit of business knowledge I had, I realized I could do better and be my own boss. My partner adds a unique niche with blacksmithing classes. Our Glassblowing and Blacksmithing Combo Class is one-of-a-kind in our local and border state areas.


What motivated you to apply for the Impact Program?

I have gotten my business off of the ground and survived the first 5 years with very little help. I knew in order to take it further, I needed more education in the business end of things. Now that the Impact Program has ended, I realize I needed it more than I had thought! I am excited to continue taking advantage of the other programs offered at JumpStart.


What is something that the Impact Program taught you about your business or entrepreneurship in general?

I learned from my advisors that I should be thinking bigger! I was content in my little space and sure that we could grow here. After doing my projections, I know we could do so much more if we had the space.


What was the most challenging concept that you learned?

I still am in awe of Phelan‘s Spreadsheet Magic! I liked math in school but this is not just numbers and I have appreciated all of the help to figure it out.


Where do you see your business 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

Five years from now, we will be in a large space. We will be a venue for events and will have multiple art mediums represented. We will have a full gallery with local art. We will also have at least six full-time employees and a few part-time employees.

Ten years from now, we will be running smoothly with others doing the day-to-day shop upkeep. My partner and I can focus on teaching and being the face of our business at off-site events.