5 Questions With Shantae Lipscomb of Roll On In

The Roll On In franchise offers its customers unique sushi and burrito creations made with fresh multi-cultural ingredients that bring their food flavors to new levels. Shantae Lipscomb’s fast-casual restaurant serves a variety of sushi-inspired dishes such as sushi tacos and donuts.

We caught up with Shantae to learn more about her and her business as she readies to present in the culminating showcase of our summer 2021 Small Business Impact Program cohort.


What motivated you to apply for the Impact Program?

I knew we needed help in the areas that the Impact program was offering.


What is something that the Impact Program taught you about your business or entrepreneurship in general?

I learned that we are not the only ones that need help.  I also learned that with systems and routines, things will start to smooth out.


What is something that you learned during your time in the Impact Program that made a difference in your business right away?

Learning to develop a financial report is something that I was able to implement right away. I also learned how to understand my target customer.


How was it working with other local business owners in your cohort?

I really enjoyed interacting and learning from other businesses. We were able to share what we were doing. Sometimes it can seem like being a business owner is lonely. But, in fact, there are others out there willing to help and share their knowledge.


What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

I would tell aspiring entrepreneurs to do as much research as possible for their industry. I would tell them to get involved in local programs such as the one’s JumpStart offers. I would also encourage them to give back to the city as much as possible.