4 Tips On Networking Your Way To A New Job

networkingSome of the best jobs are found not on websites or job boards, but through good old-fashioned networking. But how do you break the ice?

Follow these four tips and get the inside track on connecting with other professionals in your industry.

Connect On LinkedIn

Touch up your online profile and get it out there. There are millions of users who have profiles on LinkedIn including HR directors, recruiters, and hiring managers. Develop a strong profile and these folks will likely drop in for a look, giving you a great opportunity to make a new connection. Opinions are mixed on whether it’s OK to connect with “strangers” on LinkedIn. Some think it’s just fine, while others consider it bad manners. It’s your call but remember, networking is a two-way street. The people you connect with should get at least some value out of the interaction.

Get Active On Twitter

Not only is Twitter a great place to connect with professionals in your industry, it’s also a fantastic way to build your own brand as a job seeker. Becoming more active on Twitter and being more strategic with your tweets can have a real effect on the amount of followers you have, as well as the type of follower you attract. Remember, tweets that interact with other users on a personal level will always be the most impactful; and although the connections you make may not be able to hire you themselves, they can surely lead you in the right direction.

Attend Organizational Meetups, Conferences & Events In Your Industry

If you really want to meet lots of industry professional at the same time, you need to be where they are. Try attending an organizational meeting or event that interests you. You can find all sorts of events in your area on websites such as EventbriteMeetup or even onLinkedIn. Even if they don’t know you, busy professionals will almost always be happy to see new faces at programs they have planned or sponsored; and the light mood often creates great networking opportunities.

Strike Up Conversations With Random People

This is the least scientific tip, but also one of the most effective. Most people have a chance to interact with dozens of new people every day but very few of them seize the opportunity. What if that person standing in front of you at Starbucks has connections in your field? Strike up a friendly conversation and you’ll likely be surprised what a small world it really is. Forcing yourself to talk to total strangers is also great practice for more strategic professional networking.
Networking is one of the keys to professional success.

Use these four tips on networking and you’ll be well on your way to finding a great new job. Speaking of great jobs, check out the JumpStart job board which currently lists more than 100 open positions all across Northeast Ohio.