4 Things Job Seekers Can Take Away From Startup Scaleup 2015

susu-talentblogOn June 17, more than a thousand people converged on Cleveland’s Gordon Square Arts District for Startup Scaleup 2015. The event featured workshops, networking sessions and two separate pitch competitions. Multiple young entrepreneurs were featured and many more attended the event to connect with jobseekers like you.

Whether you were able to attend Startup Scaleup or not, here are four post-event takeaways that should benefit all job seekers.

Networking Is King

Events like Startup Scaleup create a rare opportunity to meet hundreds of new people in one day; but these opportunities don’t mean much if you aren’t willing to mix it up. Focus on striking up a few authentic, memorable conversations at each session you attend and soon you’ll start to see the benefits of networking first hand.

Always Be Ready To Pitch Yourself

You never know who you’ll run into at an event like Startup Scaleup. Rather than handing out your resume to everyone you meet, come prepared with some questions of your own and even a short “elevator pitch” about your work history. That way, when someone expresses interest in you, you’ll be present in the moment and ready to capitalize.

Remember, You Get What You Give

It’s not wise to hunt people down just to hand them your materials, or bug them for a job because you know they run a hot startup. Networking is always a two-way street, so try to think about it from their perspective. Don’t tell people you are a compelling job candidate, show them by creating conversations that offer them something interesting or new.

Learn The Skills You Need To Develop

Events like Startup Scaleup often include sessions and workshops aimed at helping job seekers identify and develop the specific skills needed to succeed in the fast paced entrepreneurial world. Be sure to take advantage of these insights. If you lack some of these skills or need to develop them further, don’t despair. Often you’ll meet people or organizations who point you in the right direction.