3 Tips To Scale Your Business To $10 Million

Achieving your first few million in sales requires a crystal clear value proposition that solves a real problem for your customers, not to mention a considerable amount of focus, dedication and hard work.

But taking your sales revenue to the next level requires something more—a bulletproof strategy. The following three tips will aid in developing your strategy to scale upward, and assure your venture’s continued growth.

Be The Best
One of the most crucial elements of rapid growth is identifying what you want to do better than any company in the world. With a thorough understanding of your customers, your market and your competitors, you will be enabled to do things differently and better than your competition. If you are the absolute best at what you do, thriving is inevitable.

Build An Amazing Team
From the CEO to the intern and everyone in between, nothing is more crucial to your success than hiring and partnering with the right people.

By forming a Board of Advisors, you’re able to tap into a wealth of talent and experience across various focus areas. You can’t possibly be an expert at everything, so allow your Board to become your counsel on the finer points of finance, law, marketing and sales.

Remember, no matter how many hours you put in and no matter how smart you are, you cannot achieve rapid growth alone. You must hire bright, driven individuals that want to succeed as much as you do. Take your time to find the right fit, and don’t hesitate to let go of those that aren’t making a positive impact on your company.

Improve Existing Processes
Rather than constantly seeking out new ways to acquire leads and sales, shift the focus inward to examine existing processes. Implementing completely new processes can be risky, but seeking to improve on something you’ve already been doing eliminates much of this risk. Oftentimes it only takes a few small tweaks to achieve improvement that will directly impact your bottom line.

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