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What Color Ohio's Economy?

Sunday, May 16, 2010
The Columbus Dispatch

Rust Belt state well-positioned, experts say, but some wonder whether it will take full advantage of the ‘green’ wave

Excerpt of story provided by Columbus Dispatch
Written by Joe Hallett and Dan Gearino

The stench instantly assaulted the senses, almost compelling a visitor to bolt from the bio-energy research lab.

"If it smells funny here, it's because we're turning poop into energy," said Mauricio Espinoza, spokesman for the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster...
...In the new global economic order, politicians such as Strickland must put their faith in the green economy, because yesterday's manufacturing jobs that made Ohio the nation's economic engine aren't coming back, said Ray Leach, chief executive officer of Jump Start, a Cleveland nonprofit agency supported by the state and private sector to help green-energy firms get started...

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