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JumpStart Ventures to Invest $250,000 in Thermalin Diabetes Inc.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Excerpt of story provided by Crain's Cleveland Business

JumpStart Ventures, a nonprofit that invests in early-stage companies in Northeast Ohio, said it's investing $250,000 in Thermalin Diabetes Inc., a young biopharmaceutical company that is developing insulin treatments for patients with diabetes.

Thermalin's insulin analogs, which are new proteins engineered to act like insulin, were developed at Case Western Reserve University Medical School by Dr. Michael A. Weiss, who has investigated the structure and function of insulin for more than 20 years. The company's lead analogs include an ultra-fast meal-time insulin expected to have a near-immediate absorption time and reduced post-meal hypoglycemia, and a long-acting basal insulin, expected to have reduced long-term side effects.

JumpStart said the ultra-fast insulin also maintains potency even after many months at relatively high temperatures, which makes it easier to transport and store in places that lack refrigeration, such as in mail-order delivery...

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