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Governor Applauds Creation of Jobs

Friday, July 02, 2010
Akron Beacon Journal

Small businesses across the state can make key difference in market that's depressed, Strickland says

Excerpt of story provided by Akron Beacon Journal
Written by David Knox

Fighting for re-election in a depressed employment market, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland will take new jobs anywhere he can find them.

On Thursday, the governor celebrated the promise of 45 jobs in Tallmadge...

...Founded two years ago in his home, the company — AORT, for short — is ready to start production, Green said, thanks, in part, to JumpStart, a nonprofit group dedicated to nurturing small companies.

''JumpStart is charged with accelerating the growth of early-stage, entrepreneurial companies'' by connecting them with the resources they need to expand, said Darrin M. Redus Sr., an officer with the group...

...While visiting Green's manufacturing facility on Tacoma Avenue, Strickland also got a hands-on demonstration of a product of another local company, Myers Motors' three-wheeled electric car. The company, also based in Tallmadge, last year was awarded a $250,000 grant from JumpStart.

Strickland said helping companies create jobs is his first priority...

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