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Checkpoint Surgical Stimulator Protects Nerves During Surgery

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Excerpt of story from MedCity News
Written by Mary Vanac

Checkpoint Surgical has begun a national launch of its hand-held medical device used to identify nerves during surgery.

The Checkpoint Stimulator stimulates motor nerves so surgeons can avoid damaging them during surgery. The device also helps physicians gauge nerve and muscle health.

The device cleared for sale by the Food and Drug Administration in October 2009 addresses a significant need, according to Checkpoint Surgical. More than 1.5 million orthopedic, plastic, and ear, nose and throat surgeries performed each year in the United States put patients at risk of nerve injury. The company’s disposable nerve stimulator gives surgeons confidence about what tissue to cut — and not cut...

...Late last year, Checkpoint Surgical raised $1.1 million from JumpStart Inc., the venture developer in Northeast Ohio, and from private investors and company managers to complete development and commercialization of its device. The company used some of that money for its pilot sales effort early this year...

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