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Startup on the Move to Akron

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New technology can track underground miners

Provided by the Akron Beacon Journal
Written by Paula Schleis

A company that has developed new technology for tracking people and equipment in underground mines is moving to Akron this month.

InSeT Systems, which is relocating from Strasburg, is also getting a $400,000 boost from JumpStart, Northeast Ohio's venture development organization.

Unlike tracking systems currently used in mines, InSeT's system does not rely on GPS or hazardous wireless technologies to track the position and movement of people and equipment underground.

Instead, it uses inertial navigation components that measure changes in geographic position, velocity and orientation.

''Our system can mean the difference between miners not being located after an accident or being rescued and coming home to their families,'' said Chief Operating Officer Jay Breeding.

With JumpStart's investment, ''We can accelerate the development of our inertial tracking system and begin to install systems in working mines,'' he said.

JumpStart was formed in 2004 to help accelerate the growth of innovative early-stage businesses in Northeast Ohio. InSeT becomes the 27th company in its portfolio.

Lee Poseidon, a JumpStart Entrepreneur-in-Residence assigned to work with InSeT, said the Miner Act of 2006 created immediate demand for InSeT's product.

The law set safety protocols for underground mines, one of which is the implementation of wireless two-way communications and electronic tracking systems by June 2009.

''And with the proven tracking technology of inertial navigation, InSeT's technology has the potential to be the most accurate underground tracking system available,'' Poseidon said.

InSeT is moving into the Akron Global Business Accelerator, which is home to other startup businesses, including JumpStart portfolio companies Knotice Ltd. and reXorce Thermionics Inc.