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JumpStart Boosts Fall Company

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

$400,000 investment will be used to market Wireless Emergency Notification System

Provided by the Akron Beacon Journal
Written by Paula Schleis

Inspiron Logistics Corp., a Cuyahoga Falls company that provides wireless emergency notification services, is getting a $400,000 boost from JumpStart Inc., Northeast Ohio's venture development organization.

Inspiron's Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS), which uses text messaging technology, allows emergency management officials to reach their teams with instant alerts and information.

“Emergency notification systems are in high demand,” said Jerry Frantz, the JumpStart entrepreneur-in-residence assigned to provide business development and advisory services to Inspiron.

The WENS system can deliver messages in an emergency through a secured “priority status” with all North American cellular carriers. With this status, WENS messages will be delivered even when wireless bandwidth is at capacity.

The technology can also deliver tens of thousands of messages per minute.

“This type of device will allow colleges and universities, cities, counties and states to issue emergency notifications instantaneously,” Frantz said. “And with this platform's priority status, those messages can be guaranteed to arrive, even in crisis situations.”

Inspiron already has a number of clients using the service, including large to small city governments and small school systems to large state universities.

The University of Akron purchased the service last summer, in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, to provide instant campus-wide emergency
alerts to its students.

In a statement at that time, UA noted WENS would allow it to reach 30,000 mobile devices in less than a minute and that the platform was chosen for its “superior level of reliability, intuitive environment and industry leading relationships with the wireless carriers.”

Inspiron plans on using the investment from JumpStart to increase its marketing efforts while continuing development of WENS to include GPS tracking, mass transit system integration and telephone capability.

“This investment will help launch us to new levels with a product that is technically superior to our competition and allow us to begin a much more aggressive sales and marketing effort,” said Inspiron's founder and president, Scott Dettling.

Inspiron is the 25th company to join JumpStart's portfolio. JumpStart was formed in 2004 to accelerate the growth of innovative early-stage businesses by delivering vital resources. Its exhaustive vetting process also increases the likelihood that other venture capitalists will offer additional funding.