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Talent Attraction

TalentYoung entrepreneurial companies are our nation’s job creators: According to the Kauffman Foundation, between 1980 and 2005, all net job growth in America was produced by companies less than five years old. We have a dedicated team focused on helping these high growth companies create new jobs as quickly as possible, and then matching these companies’ unique needs with talent that will keep them growing.

Our specific entrepreneurial talent support services fall into four main areas:

  1. Building a foundation of knowledge and best practices around all aspects of entrepreneurial talent

  2. Implementing programs that train entrepreneurs to spot, recruit and retain talent

  3. Providing transactional and financial support to accelerate the matching process between entrepreneurial companies and job seekers

  4. Attracting the best entrepreneurial talent and teaching companies how to retain it

Tech Startups Are HiringWe also guide entrepreneurs through the process of building and managing their Boards of Advisors or Boards of Directors.


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