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PR and Marketing

Marketing InlineEarly stage companies don’t typically have a budget dedicated to public relations and marketing. JumpStart helps cash- and time-strapped young companies create the messaging materials they need to take steps toward rapid growth. Press release writing and editing, media relations training, content marketing, website construction and analysis, social media strategy and collateral design are just some of the project-based services we provide our client companies.

JumpStart can spend 8-12 hours working with a client on marketing-related projects. Beyond that, we help entrepreneurs find online resources or Northeast Ohio marketing and PR agencies for additional marketing support, including website design and development, PR planning, market analysis and branding/logo design.

Of course, we're also always happy to share some of the stories we've recorded and written about our client and portfolio companies and their quest to raise funding, hire key talent, pilot their technologies, pursue patents, market their products and services, and more.