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Business Assistance

Sunny SethiWe provide direct business assistance to help entrepreneurs address key business challenges and achieve growth milestones. These milestones can include commercializing technology, forming a board of advisors, finding clients, generating sales, identifying strategic partners, entering into a clinical trial and raising risk capital.

This assistance can come from Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs), who collectively have hundreds of years of entrepreneurial experience across a variety of industries, from the successful, seasoned business leaders that are part of JumpStart’s Burton D. Morgan Mentoring Program or from JumpStart’s team of professionals applying their subject matter expertise to help identify and recruit a key hire, facilitate an investor introduction or create marketing collateral. After establishing key business milestones, EIRs, mentoring teams and/or staffers work with entrepreneurs on an ongoing, regular basis to help these ventures make steady progress. The ultimate goal of this assistance is often to guide an entrepreneur to funding that supports the next stages of company growth. If it leads to a JumpStart investment, assistance from an EIR intensifies.