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Investment Process for the JumpStart Fund

This is the process an entrepreneur goes through to receive JumpStart funds:

Initial Application

An entrepreneur completes the application form. Shortly thereafter, a JumpStart associate calls the entrepreneur to discuss the application and assess the resources from within the Northeast Ohio entrepreneurial ecosystem (usually funding or assistance) that are the best fit for the entrepreneur to grow his or her company.

Executive Summary Submission

If the entrepreneur’s business is a fit with the investment criteria for JumpStart’s fund, and the entrepreneur is seeking funding, he or she will be asked to submit a 3-5 page Executive Summary (there’s a great template for an Executive Summary in our online toolkit, which we encourage entrepreneurs to review).

Upon review of the Executive Summary, if the entrepreneur’s business is still a fit with the investment criteria for JumpStart’s fund, the entrepreneur will continue to work with JumpStart staff to prepare for the presentation step. Most entrepreneurs spend several months preparing, working with a JumpStart associate to address the least well-developed aspects of the business. This process is similar to the rigor an entrepreneur will go through with a for-profit risk investor.


The entrepreneur presents to JumpStart’s investment team, which include at least one external subject matter expert. The one-hour presentation and Q&A session mirrors the experience entrepreneurs will most likely have with other equity investors.

Investment and Ongoing Assistance

When an entrepreneur is selected for an investment from the JumpStart fund, JumpStart conducts due diligence on the company, after which an investment is usually made. At this point, JumpStart begins an ongoing partnership to accelerate the company’s growth.