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Our application captures information about your business and your approach to growth. We use this information to assess the resources from within the Northeast Ohio ecosystem and determine which resources are the best fit to support the growth of your business. The information you provide today will serve as your initial application to access assistance and/or funding JumpStart and/or many of its partners in the JumpStart Entrepreneurial Network.

After you submit this form, you will receive a phone call from a person at JumpStart who will discuss your plans, ask any questions which will be helpful in this assessment, or refer you to the right resource for your next step. You can ask any questions at that time too, so you understand how the resources in Northeast Ohio can help you grow your company.

JumpStart's direct services and funds for entrepreneurs are designed for those entrepreneurs following the highest growth path, interested to raise significant outside funding (in exchange for ownership) to fund that growth, and operating in a technology industry in which significant growth is possible. JumpStart’s services are also the best fit for entrepreneurs who have already made significant progress against validating their idea or concept.

All funding and services are for entrepreneurs with companies in the 21 counties? ] of Northeast Ohio.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you fill out the application form:

  • Some of the information you'll need will include a description of your business and your current cash needs. Take a look at the form first to make sure you have all the information you need.

  • Fill out the application in one sitting. The form does not save your data mid-process, so please don’t refresh the application page.

  • We have some tips on what we and other investors look for in our online toolkit.

  • You'll receive a phone call from someone at JumpStart after you have filled out the form to discuss next steps.

If you run into any issues (technical or otherwise) while completing the form, please call 216.363.3400 or email askjs@jumpstartinc.org. We'll help you through the process or send you another form directly.

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