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JumpStart provides customizable solutions that spark and support entrepreneurial activity to create measurable impact in your community, including:

Seed Fund Creation: Increasing access to capital

Access to early funding is critical to startup success. If you're looking to foster technology-based company growth and increase the number of new businesses able to attract equity investment, you need to identify and address pre-seed capital gaps.

We can help. We have created and managed our own funds, investing in a sector-diverse portfolio of 76 pre-market-entry companies to-date. We also have assisted a number of communities in developing their own sources of capital. From defining the market need to implementation, we share tools, processes and insights that help newly-created funds get up and running more quickly.

Mentoring: Extending your impact through volunteer resources

Communities interested in guiding the growth of young entrepreneurial companies know that providing business assistance can be costly. Among the greatest entrepreneurial assets in any community are its successful entrepreneurs and executives. JumpStart shows you how to uncover a quality pool of mentor candidates and how to structure and run an efficient, high-impact mentoring program capable of supporting your next generation of job creators.

Assessment Continuum: Accelerating and tracking client progress

Assisting entrepreneurs who are driven to scale their businesses is vital, but how do you focus your time on the startups with the biggest potential and ensure meaningful milestones are met? Online intake systems, collaborative service delivery, systematic reviews, communications tools and metrics reporting lead to improved client service experiences and better impact outcomes.

By utilizing JumpStart's recommended series of assessment best practices and online tools, communities can efficiently target delivery of the most effective resources to the highest potential opportunities in order to yield better outcomes, faster.

Paid Search: Attracting and retaining skilled talent

We know that young high tech companies are our nation's job creators, but how do cash- and time-strapped startups identify, recruit and retain talent crucial to their success? Employees across the country have difficulty locating quality programming, research, sales and C-level employees, and traditional recruiters often don't fully understand the dynamics of fast-growing, early-stage companies. JumpStart has recruited more than 400 key hires and advisors for tech startups. Starting with talent planning and moving all the way through structuring and negotiating an offer, JumpStart's talent and paid search assistance helps scaling entrepreneurial businesses fill new jobs as quickly as possible, matching these companies’ unique needs with the right employees.

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