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Ecosystem Support

In the last 30 years, all net new job growth in the United States has stemmed from young, high growth companies. Because of this, regions across the country that have traditionally looked to attract and retain companies are also looking to launch and grow new ones. It's a relatively new approach to economic development, but one that is increasingly important.

NEO Then and NowJumpStart was created by civic and philanthropic leaders a decade ago to address just such a need in Greater Cleveland. There has been a dramatic transformation in the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem as a result of the community’s commitment to providing the capital, assistance, education and talent young startups need to grow.

Today, JumpStart works in partnership with entrepreneurs, investors, economic development organizations, civic leaders and philanthropic funders across the country to enhance entrepreneurship’s contribution to regional economic vitality and to spark job creation. Drawing on our extensive, on-the-ground experience, we design and implement solutions based on a community’s unique assets and opportunities. Not only are we available to help identify and develop solutions, but our seasoned team is also able to assist in putting any plans in action to generate activity and impact more quickly.

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