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Investors from all across the nation continue to discover Northeast Ohio’s investment opportunities. Since 2004, 161 equity investors have put money into Northeast Ohio companies, with 28 out-of-state funds making first-time investments in Northeast Ohio in 2012. The diversity of the companies successfully raising funds–from a ABSMaterials, a developer of reactive glass products and nanosands for water remediation to GenomOncology, a company whose software and analytical tools can rapidly analyze and interpret sequenced genomic data—speaks to the breadth of startup talent in the region.

Investing Opportunities

Our Portfolio

We have invested $28 million in 76 portfolio companies. These companies collectively have raised $380 million in risk capital. They’re developing cutting-edge technologies in a variety of sectors: healthcare, cleantech, information technology and business and consumer products and services.

Our Clients

We provide intensive technical assistance to get numerous client companies ready for investments, pilot trials and strategic partnerships.

Regional Investing Activity

The Venture Capital Advisory Task Force, a group comprised of Greater Cleveland investors dedicated to continually increasing regional entrepreneurial investment and success, compiles and issues annual reports detailing Northeast Ohio’s equity investment activity. These reports give an “at-a-glance” overview of the companies raising equity capital and where those dollars have come from over the years.

Company News/ Milestones

Our client and portfolio companies are making regional and national headlines, as well as achieving important milestones. Learn More >