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What We Do

In the past 25 years, all net new job growth in the United States has stemmed from young, high growth companies. But not every type of entrepreneurial company grows to attract capital, generate significant revenue or create good-paying jobs for their communities. At JumpStart, we work with entrepreneurs leading promising young ventures with high-growth potential and regional leaders that want to create more of these type of companies in their communities.

Our Work With Entrepreneurs

JumpStart provides intensive, high-impact assistance to diverse Northeast Ohio founders leading high potential early-stage companies, working one-on-one with entrepreneurs to establish and achieve value-creating milestones of growth. These include things such as raising capital, generating revenue, hiring employees, forming a board of directors, testing the commercial viability of a product or service, and moving a product or service into the market. No- and low-cost technical assistance may be provided to our clients through entrepreneurs-in-residence as well as in-house marketing and talent attraction/retention programs and as part of JumpStart’s Burton D. Morgan Mentoring Program. In addition, we promote and provide educational and informational events for interested entrepreneurs and community members via events, multimedia efforts and online content.

JumpStart also has its own fund and invests early stage dollars in Northeast Ohio-based companies positioned to excel in high opportunity markets, focusing on entrepreneurs with novel, innovative technologies.

Finally, JumpStart manages and is a partner in an interconnected Network of Greater Cleveland entrepreneurial support programs—including incubators and accelerators, investors, research foundations and education programs—that supply young companies with the capital, mentoring, space and connections they need. Together, these organizations provide an efficient, complementary and cost-effective continuum of resources to the region’s most promising firms.

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Our Work With Regional Leaders

We partner with regional leaders across the country interested in growing more entrepreneurial companies in their community and building a strong ecosystem to support them.

Drawing from best practices and a decade of proven experience in venture development, we develop tailored solutions to help communities more fully realize their entrepreneurial potential. Community leaders can access our team of seasoned venture development practitioners who have firsthand experience in areas like developing an investment fund, delivering enhancement management services, instituting a metrics tracking system, identifying and recruiting adaptively excellent startup talent and creating a results-oriented mentoring program. By putting not only our collective knowledge but our actual team to work in a community, we’re able to “jumpstart” entrepreneur-focused initiatives, delivering targeted solutions designed to generate real outcomes, sooner.

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