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Our Community Commitment

As a private-public partnership, JumpStart is open and honest with our community, partners, stakeholders and funders in everything we do. We’re committed to transparency and sharing best practices, so if you ever have a comment or question, please let us know. We will constantly evolve and update this section of our site.

Financial Information

Note: 990 information will not easily reconcile with the grants awarded information. As tax documents, 990s reflect the investments dollars disbursed in a given fiscal year to Northeast Ohio companies. JumpStart investments are tranched and disbursed as company milestones are met. (For example, a company may receive $100,000 of a $250,000 commitment in one fiscal year and the remainder in the next.) Investments to companies may be disbursed from several different grants in the same fiscal year.

Northeast Ohio Company Success and Impact

Our clients and portfolio companies share their metrics with JumpStart through semiannual online surveys.  In that survey, they certify the accuracy of the metrics they report.

Since our inception, we post reports that reflect this activity. (Some appear below, but you can find them all here.) We also have a media room that archives all press releases.

Note: Client and portfolio company information is presented in aggregate for our public results. Surveyed companies are asked to certify their results, agreeing to the following statement: “I hereby certify that I am authorized to provide the patent, employment, and financial information for my company and that the survey information reported herein is correct for the period stated and is consistent with any information reported to government entities for payroll, tax, unemployment insurance, and workers compensation insurance purposes.”


JumpStart is governed by a 26-person board of directors. The organization shares information that falls within parameters agreed upon by our funders and client and portfolio companies.