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About Us

JumpStart’s Mission

JumpStart's mission is to strengthen the economic vitality of Northeast Ohio and the U.S. by helping communities realize their entrepreneurial potential.

ACCE MemberNortheast Ohio grew into one of America’s most thriving, prosperous regions by the late 1800s and early 1900s largely because of its entrepreneurial spirit. Risk-takers like Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams, B.F. Goodrich, Charles Brush, and Charles Diebold had innovative ideas and grew those ideas into the region’s largest employers.

But the region’s fortunes waned as the century progressed. Changes within the manufacturing industry (including technological advancements and restructuring) led to hundreds of thousands of lost jobs, which contributed to persistent economic decline and the slowing of population growth. More problematic was the fact that Northeast Ohio didn’t have young, fast-growing companies to create new opportunities.

In response to this need for job and wealth creation, the region’s civic, community, and philanthropic leaders came together in 2003 and provided the vision and leadership for a solution: a unique partnership between public and private entities charged with creating economic transformation in Northeast Ohio through the growth of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

From this concept, JumpStart was born.

JumpStart accelerates entrepreneurial success.

We employ the skills, experience and creativity of our team to transform entrepreneurial aspirations into measurable action and impact, and we do it in a number of ways.

  • We directly invest in and assist diverse entrepreneurs leading high growth companies in Northeast Ohio.

  • We leverage our unique capabilities and strengths to generate new resources for entrepreneurs, in order to make their operations more sustainable and foment growth.

  • We grow and strengthen Northeast Ohio’s regional entrepreneurial ecosystem by overseeing an interconnected network of support resources—including incubators and accelerators, investors, research foundations and education programs—to supply young, high growth companies with the capital, mentoring, space and connections they need.

  • We share insights and best practices gleaned from our extensive real-world experience, which we then tailor to address specific community needs and areas of opportunity.

  • We partner with community leaders to develop, provide and implement tangible solutions to spark business formation and support company growth, based on the belief that new, fast-growing companies can contribute significantly to the regional economy and create jobs.

Learn more about our work in Northeast Ohio and in regions across the country. Read more about our charitable purpose.