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Podcast: The Inside Scoop on Angel Investing

Monday, February 18, 2013
Posted by JumpStart Team

angel podcastAngel investments can be vital to a company’s growth and development. However, knowing how to access this capital—or figuring out what angel investors are looking for—can be daunting. In this roundtable conversation, angel investor Ben Sheridan, North Coast Angel Fund Executive Director Todd Federman and JumpStart Chief Investment Officer Lynn-Ann Gries discuss the angel investing process—everything from what they look for in an investment and how companies should prepare to pitch (or receive) angel investment to why angels are important to the economy.

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Maria Maculaitis
wrote on 2/20/2013 3:07 PM

Very informative. Knowing that they exist, how does one find out who they are and how can we get an opportunity to talk to some? I have read many sites regarding the differences between VC and Angel investors and this webcast was great.