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Helping Recent and Soon-to-Be Graduates Find Jobs

Thursday, July 30, 2009
Posted by Chris Mather

Everyone knows that we are in tough economic times right now. Perhaps no group is feeling this more than college students -- particularly recent graduates or those anticipating graduation in the next few years. News reports consistently say that 2009 has shaped up to be the worst job market for new grads in years. On the other hand, a recent NorTech report said that high technology is one of the very few sectors in Northeast Ohio that is adding jobs. It is common knowledge that job growth across the U.S. will be from “new economy” and small, high growth companies. JumpStart, BioEnterprise and a myriad of other organizations have added a huge amount of energy to our entrepreneurial environment and economy, and it is now beginning to show results in terms of employment. We can’t instantly make up for an auto company that’s laid off 1,000 people, but there are new opportunities at Northeast Ohio’s small, growing companies. Northeast Ohio needs to retain our young talent, both those who grew up here and those who came here for school, to fuel our technology and entrepreneurial economy growth. In light of all this, JumpStart’s TechLift Advisors business unit has sponsored and promoted a number of internship programs this year. As part of these programs, we are hosting a free event on Tuesday, August 6, from 5-8 pm, to help current students and recent grads understand the opportunities at and connect with small entrepreneurial companies. Our panel discussion, “Starting Your Career at an Entrepreneurial Technology Company,” will feature hiring managers from entrepreneurial companies and recently hired new grads. This event is open to current college students or recent grads only. If you know of a student or recent grad who would like to know more about starting their career at an entrepreneurial company in Northeast Ohio, please direct them to register. Also, if you are one of these small and growing entrepreneurial technology companies and you are looking to make a hire and make a difference to this young generation, please contact the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education (NOCHE). Chris Mather is President, JumpStart Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. Previously, he managed a number of technology initiatives in Northeast Ohio for NorTech. Before entering the economic development world, Chris ran a number of technology companies in Northeast Ohio and New England, including Ion Optics Inc., where he raised $6.7 million in venture capital, and Apsco Inc. and Gould Instrument Systems. Prior to that, he spent 13 years in sales, marketing and management roles with Hewlett Packard after graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Electrical Engineering.

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