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Ray Leach

Ray LeachChief Executive Officer

Ray works every day to strengthen the economic vitality of Northeast Ohio and the U.S. by helping communities realize their entrepreneurial potential.

The founding CEO of JumpStart Inc., under Ray’s leadership the Cleveland-based organization has gained national recognition for its innovative investing and high-impact business assistance programs that have generated significant growth outcomes in Northeast Ohio, as well as for leading JumpStart’s partnerships with leaders throughout the U.S. to design and implement programmatic solutions that spark and support entrepreneurial activity to create measurable impact. Ray began his career at IBM before founding and bootstrapping two startup companies. Both were sold to Multigraphics Inc. in 1997, after which Ray became Vice President of Sales. In 2000, he founded Capella Investments, Inc., an investment and management consulting firm focused on startup IT companies.

Prior to JumpStart, Ray earned his BA in Finance from the University of Akron and later taught at the MIT Sloan School of Management while earning his MBA as a Sloan Fellow. He also served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for CommonAngels, Boston’s largest angel investor organization. Ray serves on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) as well as the Board of Directors of Invent Now, Inc.

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